Emerging Flexible Device

Active lens for the next generation wireless system
  • Since the revolution in wireless communication by Guglielmo Marconi, the amount of data over mobile networks has been increased drastically. The next generation wireless systems, 5G, aim to provide much higher data rate and bandwidth at tens of GHz and require entirely new hardware infrastructure. Our group studies flexible active lens that can be manipulated electrically to control the beam shape in real time for the next generation wireless system.
  • Flexible Antenna Image
Flexible full-color electronic paper
  • Recent advancement in display technology has been mainly focused on transmissive displays, which generate and emit light, such as OLED and LCD. In contrast to conventional displays, most objects that we see reflect photons from the sun or electric lights; we feel more comfortable when detecting objects through reflected light rather than emitted light. Electronic paper (e-paper) works like ordinary paper, and its screen is controlled by electrical signal. E-paper generally consumes much lower power than conventional displays as there is no need for embedded light source, which is an essential property for portable applications. Despite of its advantages, current e-paper technology has several drawbacks such as rigid form factor and black-and-white color. We develop new technology for flexible and full-color e-paper that can open up niche applications complementary to current displays.
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