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- Graduate students

- Undergraduate interns

General Information for Prospective Graduate Student

Our group recruits 2-4 new graduate students each year. If you are interested in joining the group, please email Prof. Yoonyoung Chung with your brief résumé at least half a year before you apply to our graduate program; we strongly encourage prospective graduate students to have research experience in our group for several months prior to applying.

As long as you can pursue MS/PhD degree(s) in EE, we welcome students from a variety of majors including not only electrical engineering, but materials science, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and physics.

A non-native speaker of Korean is required for at least Level 2 of the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK). English is, of course, a common language in our university; however, we expect our members to be involved in Korean academic/industrial societies during and after their studies.

URL: POSTECH Admissions Webpage

General Information for Undergraduate Student

Our group is looking for highly motivated undergraduate intern students year-round.


  • Strong interest & curiosity in our research.
  • Basics of semiconductor physics or hardware engineering.
  • "At least" 10 hours of work per week.

Internship description

  • Fabrication/analysis, developing wearable applications, or test of wearable sensors.
    Please refer to the research section for details about our on-going projects.


  • Based on your participation in the project, you may be paid a competitive stipend.


  • Please send an email to Prof. Yoonyoung Chung with brief description about your research interests, résumé, and desired period.

Non-POSTECH Undergraduates

The Department of Electrical Engineering at POSTECH runs the undergraduate research program during the summer and winter vacations with on-campus housing. Please contact our department administrator (Mr. Kwang Hee Kim; email:; tel: +82-54-279-8083) for more information.