Fabrication Technology

Novel fabrication process for flexible transistor
  • Emerging electronics have revolutionized the life of human beings. Technological requirements for current electronic devices include high speed, flexibility, lightweight, low-price, or even transparency. Thin-film transistors, essential elements for display, sensor, and other large-area applications, should fulfill these needs. Our group develops novel fabrication methods for flexible thin-film transistors. We conduct research on high carrier mobility, good durability against bending stress, and outstanding stability against bias/temperature/illumination stress.
  • Robust TFT Image
3-D flexible circuit
  • The development of silicon VLSI technology has followed Moore’s law, which states that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles every year. However, as the size of the state-of-the-art transistor shrunk to just a few nanometers, equivalent to tens of atoms, engineers have developed a new technology to stack transistors vertically. This 3-D semiconductor technology is advantages in improving the overall performance, energy efficiency, and functionality. In industry, NAND flash memory is fabricated by using the 3-D technology, and it’s capacity has been increased rapidly. Our research goal is to establish a novel technology for 3-D flexible devices, and to develop large-area applications with a variety of functionalities including sensors and communications.
  • 3-D Circuit Image